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vacuum tubes

As I'm sure you can guess (if you don't already know) from the photo above, this page has nothing to do with vacuum cleaners, which don't run on tubes.

Back in the old days, see, these little magical glass things we called "vacuum tubes" or just "tubes" ran just about every piece of electronics you can think of from radios and TVs to computers - and, more importantly, guitar and bass amplifiers.

Call it a fascination, call it an obssession, but this page is dedicated to the art of the vacuum tube. They're still around because guitar players and audiophiles still use them, but they're no longer made in the US. The best ones are made in former Soviet bloc nations, but the Chinese are catching up quickly.

Military tube testing standards (pdf)
RCA Radiotron manual (pdf)

PDFs of preamp tube specs
PDFs of power tube specs
PDFs of rectifier tube specs