Suzuki Bandit 1200S

This is the story of my cross-country trip with my friend Jason in 2001.

A note on the photos you'll see on the following pages: Jason & I both took a metric assload of pictures with a variety of cameras. I brought two with me, a nice autofocus Minolta rig and my backup, an old Minolta loaded with black & white film. Jason used a Pentax manual camera. In addition, we both used what we called "snappy cameras" - those portable, disposable cameras. Ours were Fuji 800 speed. We kept them in our jacket pockets and tank bags for on-the-fly (or rather, on-the-road) pictures, many of which feature our own helmets as the cameras are held at arm's length. We do not recommend you use this method of photography, as it can be unsafe at any speed.

Our photos are mixed together with no individual credits as the pages wind along. Photos with URLs that have a "w" in them were taken on Wes' cameras; similarly, photos with "j" in the URL were taken with Jason's cameras.

Gas Log - 13 July - 14 July - 15 July - 17 July
18 July - 19 July - 20 July - 21 July - 22 July
23 July - 24 July - 26 July - 27 July - 28 July
29 July - 30 July - 31 July - 1 Aug - 2 Aug
3 Aug - 7 Aug - Wrapup

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