Pictures of the Aftermath

I've broken this down into three general sections: pictures relating to the accident scene, pictures of my dead bike, and pictures of me & my wounds. If you have a weak stomach, don't look at the pictures of my leg. They're fuzzy, but they're kinda gross. You have been warned.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a bigger picture. The bigger pictures range in size from 300 to 800 pixels in either height or width.

If you're looking for the pictures of my bike, they have their their own page.

The Injuries
The Bruise Twins, which I think I got it from the old lady's hood.

The upshot of the bruises was that they only hurt if I touched them or if anything pressed against them. Because of how bad my leg was wrecked and the wrapping, I was pretty much twisted a bit to the right which helped keep this ugly brute off the chair. The nasty purple faded in about two weeks, the residual weird yellow/green about a week later, and most of the tenderness about a week after that.

I got these cuts & burns when the old lady's car smashed my leg between her car and my bike. Burned right through my leather Nike hi-tops. You'll notice the symmetry of's a testament to Honda's manufacturing techniques. The burns came from the cooling fins on the front cylinder. Two blisters resulted, but the majority of the burn damage is covered up by the cut scabs.

Update (10 Aug): a couple weeks ago I took a very close look at the left side of the engine with my friend Tim. It was Tim that discovered the crusty black burnt skin & shoe leather on the rear cylinder. I had assumed my ankle had been forced into the front cylinder. Apparently by the time my ankle hit the engine, my heel was up under my thigh.

This is what my leg looked like at my first post-operative doctor appointment. The doctor's aide had just removed the surgical staples from the 3 surgical wounds (seen here with the sterile tape strips on them). The stitches hold closed the wound where my skin split open when the lady hit me. Conveniently enough, the doc was able to use this cut in the surgery to insert screws. You can't see around the back, where a splinter of my tibia punctured the skin, causing the compound fracture.

The bruising is from the impact. The yellow stuff is what the doc used to sterilize my skin during the operation. It took a very long time to unstain, about two weeks.

The following 4 pictures were taken on 27 May 99

This is the lower surgical wound on my leg, stitches freshly removed, with the steri-strips to help the rift seal.

These are the burns again, in a slightly more healed form. The top cut is mildly infected and measures about 3 centimeters long (a little over an inch). You can see the scratches along the bottom of my foot, up by the big toe. You can also see one of the places where the doc had to cut me open to insert the screws, wounds that were closed with staples, just above the burns.

This is a great picture of the "open" part of the fracture, where the bone punctured my skin. This is a semi-scab, still oozing stuff.

This is the top of my leg, where the doc had to slice my knee area open to get access to the tibia so he could drill it out & insert the rod. Healing nicely, if I do say so myself.
The following 5 pictures were taken on 8 June 99
This is the wound caused by my fibula coming out to see the sun. The compound part of compound fracture if you will. It developed another scab in a few more hours.
Those burns again. The weirdest thing is these wounds never itched. Because there's no feeling (mostly) in my skin below the knee, I only suffered the occasional itch. This is mildly disturbing, because as of this writing (18 July) the feeling still has not come back. The only thing I can feel is cold and that HURTS. A lot. The infection got worse and started to throb, and we attacked it with hydrogen peroxide and soap. The infection disappeared in about a week.

Don't those steri-strips look like fun?

Here you can see the remains of a bunch of healing scratches and the general condition of my skin. I wonder if traumatized skin always looks like this after 5 weeks.
The following 3 pictures were taken on 16 June 99

Nice full-leg shot showing both surgical wounds in all their glory. You may be able to tell, but maybe leg is still swollen to about twice its normal size -- and this is 6 weeks after the accident.

The puncture. Again.

Those pesky burns just don't seem to be healing very fast, do they? You can also see a really obvious example of dry skin back by my heel. It looked gross, it felt gross, and it took several weeks of skin lotion & picking at it before it was all gone.
The following 4 pictures were taken on 30 Aug 99