Pictures of the Aftermath

I've broken this down into three general sections: pictures relating to the accident scene, pictures of my dead bike, and pictures of me & my wounds. If you have a weak stomach, don't look at the pictures of my leg. They're fuzzy, but they're kinda gross. You have been warned.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a bigger picture. The bigger pictures range in size from 300 to 800 pixels in either height or width.

If you're looking for the pictures of my wounds, there got to be so many of them I gave them their own page.

The Accident Scene
This is what I look like with my helmet on. You'll notice the bright yellow coloring of this Shoei RF-800. I wonder when the lady who hit me last had her eyes checked.
My mother stepped out into the intersection where I was hit to take this picture. You are seeing what the old lady said she saw -- nothing. This gives you an idea of how far you can see, though, from where she hit me. When she was trying to explain to the judge how she didn't see me she made two excuses: 1) "The sun was in my eyes" and 2) "I looked toward the curve and didn't see anyone." Well, that could have been because I wasn't in the curve -- I was 50 feet from her!!
This is roughly what I could see in the split-second before I was run over. Notice all of that sandy substance in the road? That's what the fire department sprayed all over my bike & the road to make sure the spilled gas didn't ignite.

The Wrecked Bike

This is where I wrote most of the HTML in the wreck diary