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Sunday 6 June

On the medical front, everything is progressing rather nicely but, unfortunately, slowly. I had a bad scare last week because my physical therapist thought I might have a blood clot, but it was checked out and there is no blood clot. Apparently blood clots are bad, because if the break loose they can get into your heart, lungs, or brain and KILL you. I'm awful glad I didn't have one. My next PT appointment is on Tuesday, and I will start weight-bearing exercises for the first time since the accident. The puncture on my calf from the compound fracture has nearly healed over. The large surgical wound on my shin is healing slowly, but it is healing. The doc took out the stitches last week. The burns just below my ankle are healing slowly as well.

I still don't have much feeling in my leg below about mid-shin, but the doc says it'll either come back or it won't. You never know with nerves, he says.

As far as my poor Shadow goes, two separate people have now told me there's no frame damage, so it looks like it's repairable. And I even told one of the guys (a co-worker at the dealership) to total it if he could. The blue book value on it is just over $6400, and the damage adds up to about $4300, so it's well under the "totalled" range for the insurance company. Now it's down to arguing over little things. State Farm wants it returned to stock and I want my after-market stuff replaced as-was. Good thing I kept all the receipts. I want a new helmet added to the claim, State Farm says the helmet is my responsibility. I reckon we'll see who wins.

And yes, I'm still planning on suing the old lady's ass.

I'm pretty bored most of the time, but the Playstation my friends got me helps pass the time. I mostly play Road Rash (motorcycle racing), Triple Play '99 (baseball), Descent "Maximum", and Rally Cross (dirt-car racing). Too much fun!

One good thing, yesterday I got my "vanity" plates for my bikes. The one for my Shadow reads "GTOSLD" -- Ghetto Sled -- which is an inside joke between me & some people I used to work with. There was this one guy, Dave, who had a big, old, ugly car we called an Oldsmobuick Ghetto Sled. Somehow the moniker got shifted onto my Shadow. The CB's plate reads "OBFSC8" -- or obfuscate -- and it's an X-Files reference. I'll leave it to you to figure it out.

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Friday 11 June

It's Friday. This week I had two physical therapy appointments.

They were the first in which I was "allowed" to put any weight on my leg. I say "allowed" because, in hindsight, I rather wish I hadn't.

My physical therapist, Amy, says I'm making good progress. The swelling is diminishing on an almost visible basis -- my ankle went down in size over an INCH since the week before. An entire inch -- and then some.

Unfortunately, my leg hurts worse than ever. I suppose it's because of finally putting weight on it, but I don't know. Now my knee & ankle hurt really bad, and Tylenol isn't cutting the pain like it used to. I know it's hard to overdose on acetaminophen, but I don't want to find out what it takes to do so. Remember when you were a kid and your arms and legs would hurt sometimes, usually at night, hurt so bad you couldn't seem to fall asleep? Your mother said it was "growing pains" and you just had to suffer through it, kind of like teething when you were a baby. You whined a bit (hey, you were only like 8 years old) and after a couple weeks you could hardly remember what it had felt like.

Well, my friends, I'm reliving my childhood. Those "growing pains" obviously come back when your bones are violently snapped apart. The difference between then & now? Sleep-inducing drugs. Now I don't have trouble falling asleep, but I can only sleep for about 5 hours before the pain wakes me up. I'm happy all over again.

The exercises Amy has me doing are pretty simple. Exercise bike, using a kind of reverse rowing machine (the legs do all the work), and rolling back & forth on a big ball are the easy ones -- they use gross motor movement of the leg & knee. The tough ones are working a "BAPS" board (I can't remember what BAPS stands for), which works the ankle 9 ways to Sunday, rolling a small basketball around in a circle (more ankle), and picking up marbles with my toes. I tell you, the first time I tried to pick up one of the marbles with my toes, I thought I was going to hyperventilate from laughing so hard. It was so tough to pick up the damn marble. At the second appointment it was a bit easier, so I assume it'll get even easier as time goes on. But, man, it was funny.

On the bike front, CP ordered the parts and as soon as they come in, they'll start the 10 hours of labor they estimate it's going to take to complete the repairs. I traded my dented Shoei RF-800 (bright yellow, remember?) for a $300 check today and ordered my new helmet, an Arai Signet/e, a yellow & grey model. The Arai is more oval/oblong than the Shoei, and since it took so long to break my Shoei in, I'm hoping the Arai will fit better right off. Of course, CP didn't have an XXL sized model I could try on, so I had to try on an XL. Oh, well. I'm just glad State Farm didn't hassle me about replacing my helmet. They gave me $300 for my old Shoei.

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Friday 18 June

It's been a really long week. I'm coming to the realization that the pain caused me by Amy, the Physical Terrorist from Hell(TM), is going to get worse before it gets better. When did I realize this? Today, when she made me get on a Stair-Master type machine for 6 minutes. Then it was the treadmill and other torture devices.

My favorite exercise is still when she makes me pick up 45 marbles with my toes. It just makes me laugh the whole time. It's such an absurd thing to actually do, it makes me wonder how somebody thought of it in the first place.

"I know," she said. "I'll make them pick up marbles with their toes. If that doesn't drive them totally insane, I'll put them on the treadmill. Yeah!!"

Today's PT lasted about 90 minutes. I fell asleep on the table after she put the big ice packs on my leg. A 20-minute cat-nap does a body good.

My big accomplishment for the week was taking a shower. Now, before you start thinking "Oh, my God! He hasn't taken a shower in 5 weeks!", calm down. I have been able to wash up just fine, thank you. I even shave & brush my teeth. It's just that yesterday was the first time I could stand unassisted for long enough to take a shower. Last night I even managed to take two small, lurching steps without my crutches. When I'm just getting around the house, I'm using one crutch. Stairs and outdoor excursions require two crutches for stability. I'm actually looking forward to the day I can start using a cane, if you can believe that.

I've been able to get out of the house on my own a few times. I went to see "Austin Powers, the Spy Who Shagged Me" and dropped by my office to visit my co-workers. I went to 7-11 and bought milk (you would not believe how much milk I've drunk in the last 5 weeks -- and don't even go there with the cow jokes). Any further excursions will require a stop at the gas station, so we'll see how that goes. Where are the full-service stations when you need them?

Oh, wait!! I know! New Jersey.

I got a letter from my lawyer letting me know he's started the process of gathering paperwork regarding my accident from the police, hospital, doctors, etc.

On the motorcycle front, there's really nothing new to report. My new helmet is on order and the Service Manager at CP/Falls Church called to let me know he'd ordered the parts for my Shadow. It could take 3 weeks to get them all in because some of them (gas tank & front fender) have to be painted before they're shipped or something. Seems as if the bike'll be ready just about the same time I am (hopefully).

There's other good news too. I ordered a cane, which should get here some time next week, at which time I can start using it instead of my crutches. It's really cool, too. It's metal, painted black, and collapsible. It folds up like a blind person type cane. Only it's not as long, it's about 3 feet or so, and adjustable through a 6 inch range. So it comes with this little case, so I can fold it up and pop it in my tank bag. Won't that look tough? Me getting off my motorcycle and whipping out a cane to hobble away. Ha-ha!!! (like that kid on the Simpsons) Anyway, I found it on the internet. Duh. Of course I found it on the internet. I was at, and asked Jeeves, who directed me to site called, which in turn directed me to I love the internet. What I want is an implant in my skull that allows my brain to access the internet directly, then I'll be happy.

Plus, I got another game for the Playstation, Ridge Racer 4. Very cool. I got a memory card, too, so I could play a whole season on Triple Play '99. I'm playing as the Detroit Tigers. I even created a player that is myself. Why the Tigers? Well, in 11th grade (waaa-ay back in 1985/6) I was in a one-act play called "Yanks 3, Detroit 0, Top of the 9th". It was a lot of fun. I played Lucky Johnston, #31, the first baseman and also the first guy to get on base during the play. So I made my player in my own image, a second baseman (I also played catcher) that is an average fielder and a good batter. I feel so involved. Anyway, saving the season takes up 14 of the 15 available blocks on the memory card, so if I want to save any other games I need to get another one. Oh, well. I'm only two games into the season, so it'll be a while before the card's freed up.

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Friday 25 June

This week was almost all good news. I'll get the little amount of bad news out of the way right off the top.

My wife's sister is coming to visit. Her original flight was supposed to arrive at 6:30. It got cancelled, naturally, and her new flight doesn't arrive 'til midnight. There, that's it for the bad news.

Physical therapy this week has been tough but productive. I've been 12 times in 5 weeks. On Tuesday Amy did my re-evaluation and things are definitely looking up.

For instance, the amount of swelling in my leg has drastically reduced. My knee has reduced over 3cm and is its normal size. My ankle has reduced almost 4cm but needs to drop another 2cm to be normal. My foot has reduced just over 2cm and has about 1cm further to go to be normal. In case you don't know, it takes 2.5cm to make 1 inch. Imagine over an inch of swelling. Now imagine trying to put a shoe on it.

My range of motion has improved as well, but mostly in my knee. My ankle is still rather weak and has a long way to go. I have copies of my initial evaluation and the re-eval and will put them up on my website as soon as I can transcribe them. (ed. note - they're up now)

Speaking of the website, one thing I have added is scans of my x-rays. Eww, gross! NOT! They're actually pretty cool but it does make your skin crawl a bit to see them. Right now I only have x-rays of my fixed leg, the ones Doc Schwartzbach did today. I have the x-rays from the day of the accident, but they're much darker than the Doc's and I'm having trouble scanning them. They'll be up soon. Promise.

So what did the doc say? Well, he was definitely surprised to see me walking with a cane instead of crutches. So was Amy on Tuesday. The doc says I still have to use the crutches for longer distances. I thought it was telling how suburban he is when he told me "Don't go to the mall or anything yet." I had to laugh a little at that.

He's pleased with the progress my leg is making and says I'm healing pretty quickly. The screws are holding the rod in place quite well and my tibia (the big bone) is coming along just fine. It's still broken, but it's healed enough that it's taken a lot of the pressure off the screws as far as weight-bearing. I still have to be careful not to break the screws, at least for another 6 weeks or so.

The doc cleared me to go back to work for 2 or 3 days a week, so I'm definitely looking forward to hitting the office on Monday. I miss my buds at work...and the high-speed connectivity!! He said I can start doing full weeks after 2 more weeks but I'm not allowed to stand for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time, so no stand-up teaching for a while. My next appointment is in the first week of August.

He had a bit of bad news, though. Slightly bad. Semi-bad. Quasi-bad. My left leg is going to be about a half inch shorter than my right forever. Because of this, he's not going to be able to easily fix the fibula (small bone), which is still broken at the bottom. The top of the fib is healing OK, but it'll be crooked. You can check it out on the x-ray web page. It really is kind of hard to describe.

Fixing it would require another operation, during which he would clip off about 7mm of the fibula and re-break the top of it to set it straight. He considers it an unnecessary operation because the tibia takes about 80% of the weight that comes down through the leg. He says with time and therapy I will walk normally, but it may take a couple years before I don't limp any more. My left foot doesn't point straight ahead any more either, and he says that may never come back to normal.

The last thing the doc told me was that it was up to my physical therapist as to when I'm allowed to ride a motorcycle again because they're both a little concerned about how weak my ankle seems to be.

At physical therapy today Amy started working my ankle. She started with some really uncomfortable hamstring stretches (not my ankle, I said. Shut up, she said). Then she worked my ankle about 8 different directions until she was satisfied it had loosened up a bit. After that I did the rest of my exercises. No new ones today, but weights went up and the number of repetitions went up too. I was there for 2 hours.

By the way, did I ever tell you there are 45 marbles in the marble box? I have to pick them up 1 at a time with my toes.

After all my exercises, it's time to ice my leg down. Today Amy decided to add ECT to the mix. She put these electrodes on my foot & ankle (not on the burns, thank you very much) and ran the machine up until I could feel the tingle. Controlled electrocution. COOOOOOOL! Since I haven't gotten back much of the feeling on my skin below the knee, it really felt weird to have these electric currents stimulating the muscles of my foot and not be able to feel anything on the surface. She put the ice packs over the electrodes and away we went for 15 minutes.

No news on the bike front, so I'm considering that good news. I guess they'd call me if there was a problem.

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Saturday 3 July

My new helmet came in yesterday, picked it up today. Arai Signet/e Squadra Sport Yellow. I spent about a half hour trying on different helmets before I settled on the Arai, then picked my color out of the catalog. So the box says XXL on it, the little tag inside the helmet says XXL on it. I put it on, it was tight, but it's new, right? Later, at home, I leave it on for about 15 minutes, which is as long as I could stand it because I got a splitting headache. It's definitely not the same size as the XXL's I tried on, so I think it's mis-marked. We'll see. It's not like I can ride yet anyway, right? If I don't get a new one by the time I can ride, I've always got an old HJC to wear.

I spoke with the service manager at the dealership that's fixing my bike. Some of the parts are in but some are on back-order. He says that it'll take about 3 weeks to finish the job. That puts it past my birthday (bummer) but still in July. We'll see if they can deliver!

On Thursday I stopped by where my '78 CB750 is being stored. She looks lonely and very ready to get back on the road. I decided to try throwing a leg over. I had to go from the "wrong" side (right side instead of left) like a moto-cop because I still can't put all my weight on my left leg yet. Sure felt good sitting on a motorcycle, that's for damn sure. I tried holding it up with both feet on the ground, no problem. I tried shifting...that was a problem. I have no problem down-shifting, but up-shifting is hard because my left ankle is still a bit weak. That's what I told Amy (my physical therapist, the Princess of Pain) and we're going to work on more strengthening stuff for that ankle.

Speaking of Amy, on to the PT. This week was my last week of 3 sessions per week. It was also the last week of my original round of PT (as directed by the all-knowing Aetna US Healthcare insurance organization), so I had to re-up for more visits. I'll be going twice a week for four more weeks and then, according to the insurance company, I'll be cured/healed/a new man. Getting "approval" for the final 8 appointments involved 6 telephone calls, two days, driving over 80 miles, 4 pieces of paper, and about 5 hours of my time.

Needless to say, I'm not in the least impressed with the number of hoops I had to jump through to get the care I need. In the end, it worked out so I guess I can't complain too much.

PT was more of the same this week with two exceptions. First, I got to drop an exercise. This was quite an event...since Day 1 I've only added exercises. Also, I finally saw Amy make somebody else pick up marbles with their toes. He didn't think it was nearly as funny as I do, but that was probably because he didn't have too much trouble doing it. He had a broken ankle and had a cast on for about 6 his toes stayed strong I don't know.

My leg's still a bit swollen, but I think it subsides a bit every day. I now have permission to leave my stylish gauze stocking off for part of the day, so I chose to leave it off at night. It's a lot easier to sleep without that itchy thing on.

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Saturday 10 July

Today, I am a man.

Actually, I am a man again. Confused yet? Lemme 'splain.

The day dawned cool and bright. A thin veil of mist shrouded the horizon as I set off...oh, wait. Wrong story. Penny, my wife, dropped me off at 1:45 on this rather warm Saturday. I went to the back room at Coleman Powersport (where I had a part-time job until recently replaced), where my lonely '78 CB750 has been sitting since the third week of April. Her dusty speedo and tach stared at me like two back-lit green and accusing eyes, as if to say "Are you here to gawk again or do you mean business?"

"I mean business," I told her, and rolled her outside the warehouse. She didn't want to start, so I had to roll her down the hill & pop the clutch. That got her going. Pulled the choke out & left her to warm up. Back inside the warehouse, I put on my new Arai helmet. Put on my new jacket (the perforated leather one). Then my very broken in old gloves that still smell a little like gas from the scene of my accident 60 days ago.

I got on the CB, gunned the engine, remembered to raise the kickstand, dropped her into first gear and ...

Off I went, my first ride since the old lady ran me over with her car. Within 5 minutes -- still in Saturday afternoon near-the-mall traffic -- all the reasons I love riding motorcycles came flooding back to me. "It's all good," was all I could think to say.

I took Route 1 south from Woodbridge to Quantico, where I got on Joplin Road. Joplin passes the Quantico National Cemetary and is a very nice twisty road. It also happens to be my favorite road to ride. At the other end of Joplin, the CB stalled -- I'd run her almost out of gas. Over to the reserve tank and a stop at the first gas station remedied that situation. From the gas station on Rt. 234, I went toward Manassas, crossed over to the Prince William Parkway, and cranked the old girl up to 75. After a few minutes, the engine smoothed out and all was well with the world once again.

All told, I did about 35 miles. My ankle got a little sore from the shifting, but it was just muscle soreness, not any kind of "real" pain. My foot hurts a bit from where the shifter hit it -- I guess I lost my shifter callous or something. It'll come back.

PT this week was more of the same. Tastes great, less filling.

Friday 16 July

Checked with the shop doing the repairs on my Old-Lady Battered™ '96 Shadow...there was a significant problem but I solved it. Seems that Cobra is either in a whole world of hurt or they're drastically cutting back on the production of handlebars. Either way, it looked as if I was going to get stuck with the stock bar...

Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem, but there's two things that kept me from saying "M'kay". #1, the stock bar affords me a wonderful rear-view of my elbows in the mirrors. #2, the stock bar didn't get wrecked. It's in my storage room. If I'd'a wanted the stock bar on it, it woulda HAD the stock bar on it. 'Nuff said.

So I dash (well...thump-dash) up to the Accessories counter, explain my tale of woe, and get the gal behind the glass wall on the phone to Tucker-Rocky. They have ONE Cobra "Legend" bar for the '87-'96 VT1100C. It's mine! Ordered, billed to the repair order, crisis averted.

The service manager told me he has almost all the parts in to fix the Sled. He's waiting on the fuel tank and the front wheel.

Hmm...integral components, no? He says it should be next week or early the week after.

Anyway, on to the great news. Today was the old lady's court date. It was originally in June, but one of her grandchildren was graduating from high school in Minnesota or something so she got it continued.

I got to the courthouse a little early, and about 10 minutes later 2 old ladies (one more so) came & sat down next to me. I was pretty sure one of them had to be the one that ran me down. I was right. I just listened to them talk, recipes and stuff. The one that hit me has to walk with a cane (hey -- just like me!) and reminds me very much of my grandmothers. Except my grandma didn't hit me with a car. I was reading a motorcycle magazine when they sat down (Rider), examining an article comparing the BMW R1100GS to the new Triumph Tiger. I'm having a hard time deciding which one I'll get.

Sat through most of the docket -- the cop on my case was next-to-last on the list, so it took over an hour to even get to him. The judge, a 40-something woman, was hilarious. She kept the courtroom laughing in between cases. She did have several humorless moments, such as when she was lecturing a 20 year old kid about trying to evade a police car. Now this was an interesting case. Guy on a moped, not wearing a helmet, with a rag sticking out of the gas tank. Hmmm...cop hits the lights, guy on moped tries to escape at 23 mph. Through a library parking lot. Cop finally had to cut him off, at which time he wrecked the moped. Which he stole. The judge got on him hard about not wearing a helmet, so I knew my old lady was gonna get it.

By the way, if you ever get a ticket and have to go to court, my advice would be to do it. There were three cases that involved having an expired inspection sticker. One guy got his car inspected 5 days after the ticket, fine suspended. Another guy got his car inspected about 2 weeks ago (and registered), $25 fine. The last guy didn't bother to show up, $250 fine. Hmm.

Anyway, the old woman pled guilty, as I knew she would. I went because I really needed to hear her say it and explain what she thought happened. The cop on my case told the judge his report -- defendant failed to yield the right of way, resulting in her hitting a motorcycle, which resulted in a serious injury to the rider and significant damage to the bike (he said he thought it was totalled and he wasn't far from right).

So the judge asks her what she has to say. She was going to her doctor appointment, the sun got in her eyes and she didn't see me. She said, and I quote, "I looked toward the curve and I didn't see him." Well, that would be because I wasn't in the curve, I was 50 feet away from her in a straightaway.

The judge pronounced her guilty and levied a $75 fine, which is $40 more than the run-of-the-mill Failure to Yield fine. She'll get a -4 point thing on her license which drops her to +1. Plus she can't get any plus-points for 3 years.

I don't know if she's still driving. She had someone (another old lady) drive her to court. Maybe next time she has a dr. appointment, she'll do the same.

Emotionally, I feel much better having heard her lame-ass story. Even though she made excuses about not seeing me, the judge was not very sympathetic. The judge said, "These kinds of things we NEED to see so people can stay healthy." I feel pretty well vindicated. I'm still a little bitter about getting run over, but hell, I wanted to get a new motorcycle anyway.

Well, not really, but ... :)

(no change on the PT front)

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Tuesday 20 July

I finally managed to get some of my broken-leg x-rays scanned. I still think it's pretty cool to see the x-rays & pictures of what my leg looked like over the last 2 months...I don't know doing work from home I probably spent a couple hours today rewriting a bunch of the HTML in my wreck diary pages. The perfectionist in me wasn't happy.

On the medical front, there's been a bit of a setback going on. Nothing terrible, but troubling to me nonetheless. My PT thought my leg looked a bit funny yesterday (not funny ha-ha, but funny weird) and started measuring it. Seems my swelling is not receding, rather it's increased slightly in several spots. This could be why I've been having more pain/trouble lately (last several days). She explained to me that it would not be unusual for me to have "residual edema" (long-term swelling) lasting up to 8 or 10 months from now.

The only thing I could do to reduce the swelling faster is spend all day with my leg propped up above my heart and keep ice packs on it as much as possible. Doesn't look like anyone's going to start paying my rent for me, so that ain't gonna happen. I'm going to be trying hard to take it easy the rest of this week and hopefully next week as well.

Part of what's getting me down about it is that I've been making really good progress on a very steady basis. Since a couple weeks after the accident, once I was able to actually move my leg, my strength has been increasing. The swelling was going down pretty fast. All the cuts & burns have been healing well. I guess I got so used to getting better that this setback has really gotten to me. Well, I'm going to do what Amy the PT says & hope it helps.

Sunday night I was all set to ride my little CB750 home from my mom's house when it decided to stall out at a stoplight. Couldn't get it started, not for nothin', so I pushed it to the side of the road and limped cane in hand back to mom's house. Sent an e-mail to one of my Vintage Jap-bikes mailing lists and had my entire collection of CB750 paraphernalia sold within 15 hours. By the gods, I love this internet thing. Guy's coming up from Durham NC on Saturday to pick everything up.

I would have offered the stuff to you guys, but truthfully I don't want to sell it to anyone I know. I don't want to see the damn bike again as long as I live. Well, except in pictures, so I can reminisce about the days when I kept bikes running with spit, wishes, and duct tape...

Anyway, it's been kind of a bummer weekend except for Sunday being my 30th birthday. And I had a blast hanging out with George & his wife & kid on Saturday. I think it was just about the first time me & my wife had ever been out with another married couple. Does this mean I'm a grown-up now? Oh, no...! I guess the whole weekend didn't suck, just little parts of's enough to make you cry sometimes, though...

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Tuesday 27 July

I spoke with the folks at Coleman Powersport in Falls Church this morning. They received the last of my parts yesterday (fuel tank & front wheel) and will start work on my bike tomorrow. With any luck (and nothing else damaged), I'll have the Shadow back by the middle of next week. With better luck, I'll have her back by this weekend. The damage estimate quoted 10 hours of work...feasibly it could be done by Friday if the mechanic doesn't discover anything else wrong.

Physical therapy this week involved a re-evaluation in anticipation of my doctor's appointment next week. My knee is back to normal size and strength is at about 80% of what it was PA (pre-accident). My foot & ankle swelling has gone down about another 1.5 cm in each place (a little over half an inch). My ankle strength is only at about 50% of PA but I have high hopes for its continued progress.

Amy, the Princess of Pain (or in the vernacular, "physical therapist") says that it could take up to a year for the rest of my swelling to dissipate and that I shouldn't get too worked up about it. Easy for her to say, right? To that end, though, I don't have to wear my fashionable gauze sock every waking moment of the day any more. With how hot it's been lately, that certainly is quite a joy, I kid you not. Of course, the sight of my leg kind of freaks people out here & can see all the scars, dents, and especially the pucker where the fibula came out through the skin. I think it's kinda cool...but...

As I mentioned last week, I managed to get rid of my old bike, the CB750. It had stalled out on me and refused to restart after that the weekend before. In a fit of rage I posted a "For Sale" e-mail to one of my mailing lists and within 15 hours had a buyer from Durham NC. I wanted it to go as far away as possible. The guy came on Saturday with his 13 year-old son and picked up all of my CB750 bikes, parts, and paraphernalia. I used part of the money he gave me to get a good leather jacket for my wife. It's perforated for summertime but has a windproof liner for cooler weather. Probably not a good winter jacket, but she probably won't ride with me in the cold months. She got new gloves as well.

Short & sweet this week, eh? I'm thinking about shifting over to 2-week intervals on the updates...we'll see.

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