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Wednesday 2 June

Saturday, 15 May

Got up early and watched some Saturday morning cartoons. They pretty much suck everywhere but the Cartoon Network, even though I'm not a big Jonny Quest fan anyway.

My brother Jody came to visit and stayed for a long time, then came back later and brought me a stack of movies to watch:

I've seen 'em all (but one) repeatedly and realize how cool my brother really is. He knew exactly what would help pick me up as I sit around with nothing to do.

At night, my sister Susie, her boyfriend Grant (rides a Harley), and his son Nick come over for dinner & hanging out. We have really good turkey lasagna. Later, we watch "Crusty 4", an extreme dirt-biking video and the movie "Mission: Impossible" on TV.

The rest of the Days

I think the rest of the days are going to be pretty much like this. Read, watch TV, check e-mail, go to the bathroom, eat, sleep, etc. Boring.

But I'm alive.

Saturday 15 May ... First Week Home ... Thursday 20 May ... 21 May ... Monday 24 May
Wednesday 2 June

Thursday, 20 May 99

I stopped by Coleman Powersport/Falls Church to see my baby today. She's upright and lonely, covered with the residue of whatever the fire department sprayed on her to neutralize the fire threat caused by gas pouring all over the place.

She's toast. Entirely. The really crusty kind that's black on the bottom.

The whole front end is shot. Everything that can be bent -- including the wheel -- is bent. Both forks, handlebar, even the mirror mounts I put on are freakin' bent. Gas tank is shot, steering stem covers are completely warped, bent, and ripped off. One footpeg nearly ripped off, the other bent towards the ground; shifter & brake pedal twisted like green twigs. Front fender ripped from its mounts, twisted, creased & bent. Front tire torn. Side covers -- one crushed in, one almost ripped off. Seat torn up. Rear fender scraped & gouged. Somewhere along the line the frame's bent, too, I think.

So what is OK? The sissy bar, the shaft drive, the rear wheel & tire. Amazingly, the headlight is fine.

When I was up there, the service manager asked if I could get the key to him so he could remove the crushed side cover and see "if there's any more frame damage". I told him how much I owed and he said there was more than that just in cosmetic damage, let alone bent up shit. I'll have some pictures up here maybe next week.

I'm understandably upset, and shed a tear for the Ghetto Sled before I realized she took the brunt of the damage and gave her life in exchange for mine. In that respect, she shall always hold a special place in my heart. My first "real" bike.

Ghetto Sled, 27 May 98 - 11 May 99. RIP. 10,124 miles.

As far as my condition, had an appointment this morning with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Cary Schwartzbach. Saw the x-rays, which look co-oooool! There's a rod where most of my tibia used to be (the bigger bone), with 2 screws at each end connecting it to the bone. The doc is excited that there's a bunch of bone dust in there, because he says that dust will act as a kind of bone graft. The fibula (2 breaks) isn't, uh, straight, which worried me at first. The doc said it's OK, because that's what he was hoping would happen; he wants the tibia to heal first, then the fibula. Seems it usually happens the other way around and sometimes they have to go back in and clip a piece of the fibula off. The tibia handles about 85% of the weight load for each leg anyway.

He took the staples out of my surgical wounds, which was uncomfortable but didn't hurt all that much. Left the stiches in from my other cut. I saw the burns just below my ankle, which are about 3/4" long, 4 of them in a nice row with a couple of blisters. The cuts that had been held together by staples now have these little sterile tape strips on them, the things I guess they make butterfly dressings with.

Now only my foot is wrapped, with an Ace wrap, to about mid-shin. He's a bit worried about how swollen my foot still is and thinks that wrapping the foot, staying on the blood thinner shots, and physical therapy will take care of the swelling soon enough. Well, those and some really uncomfortable exercises I have to do 4 times a day.

Tomorrow is my first physical therapy appointment. We'll see how it goes.

Friday, 21 May

Without going into too much detail, let me assure you that physical therapy is going to be torture. Today was just the evaluation and I already fear the place. Amy, my PT, did a bunch of range of motion tests (not much below the knee, that's the verdict) and measurements to see how swollen my leg still is. She put this weird stocking bandage on my leg that will help bring the swelling down and put ice packs on my leg for about 15 minutes. It took about 2 minutes for the ice to cool down enough blood for me to start shivering. Needed a blanket. I got a sheet with a bunch of exercises to do. Hopefully we'll be able to convince the insurance company to let me go enough times to do some good. Since I can't put any weight on the leg for 4 weeks, that means I'll be working the knee & ankle to keep the swelling down and trying to build upper body strength until I can really start working on my leg.

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Wednesday 2 June

Monday, 24 May

Had an interesting weekend...NOT!. Spent most of Saturday and Sunday by myself, reading a book, watching movies & TV, and wishing somebody was around to talk to me. My parents had all kinds of stuff to do Saturday afternoon and were gone from before 0900 to after 2100 on Sunday. My wife worked a split shift at her store on Saturday and ended up being gone basically all day. Sunday she had a store meeting and errands to run and then had to spend some time packing (we're moving soon).

So...I guess there's good news and bad news.

So the coolest thing from this weekend was that my friend, ex-roomie, and ex-bandmate Tom came by to see me Saturday night. The folks at my company (the tech-support gang I used to work with) took up a collection for me and then used the money to buy a Playstation for me. They knew I was going to be laid up for nearly 2 months and figured I needed something to do.

The also got a game for me...Road Rash. It's a motorcycle racing game. Their idea of humor. Their humor is not lost on me...I laughed very hard when I saw it. My friends are a little sick in the head, if you ask me.

Now if I can just get my stepfather to hook it up for me...

Saturday 15 May ... First Week Home ... Thursday 20 May ... 21 May ... Monday 24 May
Wednesday 2 June

Wednesday 2 June

My stepfather got the Playstation hooked up and I borrowed some games from my roommate, so I've had that additional diversion to keep me...diverted.

Still, nothing can really alleviate the crushing boredom and loneliness of being stuck in a chair all day long. It's starting to get to the point where I'm even talking to telemarketers and wrong numbers just to have someone to talk to during the day. How pitiful is that?

I'm trying really hard not to hate the old lady that ran me over, but it's getting difficult. I think about how scared she must have been when her brain finally processed the fact that she'd run somebody over. I also think about how she must be pretty well over that by now. No matter how "over it" she is, though, I'm still sitting here with a broken leg.

It's not as if the pain is unbearable, because it isn't. Tylenol takes the edge off, but doesn't make it go away. It's hard to sleep for more than a few hours at a stretch because the pain wakes me up if I wiggle or move. Right now, the most pain is somewhere in my calf, I think it's a muscle pain caused by underuse. My foot's gotten back into the swelling game, but it doesn't hurt too much if I leave it down. My mom & wife constantly harp on me to keep it elevated.

My physical therapy exercises are tough, but not impossible. It takes about 25 minutes to go through them all and I do them 3 or 4 times each day. By the time 11 at night rolls around, they get a bit hard to do, but I make it OK.

I realize that now I'm just rambling, but doing this is helping cut the boredom down to size. I'd tell you about my weekend that I spent not going to Rolling Thunder, but that will just depress me even more.

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