Motorcycle Wreck Diary

On 11 May 99 I was run over by a 78-year-old woman. As part of my own mental rehabilitation and to help me remember everything, I put a "wreck diary" online. I update this diary every Friday and will continue to do so until my physical therapy ends.

I've come to find out that lots of people are finding this page without the benefit of my actual "home" page. Thanks for dropping by! If you'd like to contact me with questions or comments, sorry, but I've had to remove my e-mail address from this website due to spam issues.


UPDATE: 11 May 2009

Guess what? It's been 10 YEARS since Old Lady Diehl ran me over with her car. Check out the 10 Years On Update Page.

In the Hospital

Covers from 1015 on Tuesday, 11 May (time of impact!) through Friday, 14 May, when I was released from Fairfax Hospital.
After the Hospital

Takes you, gentle reader, from Saturday, 15 May through the first week of June, which is when I switched from semi-daily to weekly updates.
Weekly Updates

June & July
August & September
I switched to weekly updates about 6 June. These are basically culled from e-mails sent to my friends, with details added for posterity.
The Surgery Shuffle

Due to "tibial non-union" I had to have a second operation on 15 Nov 99. Then a third on 13 March 00. A fourth will follow in a few months.
The 2nd Surgery & Week After
2nd Surgery Updates
The 3rd Surgery & Week After
Pictures of the Aftermath

Because I put so many pictures up on my website anyway, it seemed somehow neglectful for me not to add pictures of my accident. Be warned, however, that the pictures of my wounds are kind of icky.

Pictures of the Scene & the Bike
Pictures of My Injuries
Pictures after the Second Surgery
Pictures after the Third Surgery
Scans of My X-Ray Films
Incident Report

I have a friend that volunteers with the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue. To satisfy my curiosity, he printed me out a copy of the incident report for my accident.
The Repair Estimate

Done by Coleman Powersport/Falls Church, where my motorcycle was to be repaired.

This estimate was later "revised" and the bike was totalled. Cost to repair was about $6300, $1000 more than the value of the bike.

PT Evaluations

My physical therapist has done two evaluations of my condition.

Initial Evaluation (21 May 99)
Physician Update #1 (22 June 99)
Physician Update #2 (27 July 99)
Evaluation Comparison (29 July 99)
More Perspective

A Paramedic at the Scene in NY

Other Down Boys

A British guy called Ben Eats It
A Canadian Bandit - Wrecked!