A Canadian Bandit Rider Meets the Road

The Story

Well, I've really done it now. I destroyed my beautiful baby last Saturday (August 28) . I just drifted wide into the gravel, doing 70-80 kph, after hitting something that caused the tires to slip. I'm a bit fuzzy on what actually happened. I do recall trying to ride it out in the gravel trap (for 37 m, according to the cops), before it spat me off. The throttle must have stuck open, as the bike supposedly carried on on it's own for 107 m (!!) and the jumped back up the shoulder, became airborne and then smacked down headfirst on the middle of the road, which is what did all the damage.

They put me in the back brace and board for about an hour and a half - it was agonising, waiting for the damn doctor to show up. Then X-rays, stitches, blood work - 4 hours later, I got out.

My shin below my knee has been the worst part. I had agonising spasms and shooting pains all night long after the accident, but the huge swelling seems to be going down and the spasms are less frequent. I also have a mit for a right hand and a compressed knuckle joint (2 stitches).

The crowning glory was the cop issuing me a ticket for careless driving - $ 315 and six points. I am disputing the charge.

The Pictures

The owner of this bike asked that neither his name nor his face be posted on this web site.