BMW Motorcycle Maintenance & Modifications

The below repairs, replacements & modifications have all been done by me on my own motorcycles. Many of the procedures can apply to other BMW bikes of similar vintage. Do not attempt any of these procedures unless you're confident in your skills - however limited - as a shade-tree mechanic. Please don't send me hate mail if you mess something up!!
Bike Task Details
Riding Gear Upgrading Cheap Back Armor Difficulty: *
Approx Time: 15 minutes
R 850 R Cutting a Windshield Difficulty: *
Approx Time: 1 hr
R 850 R Rear brakes 101 Difficulty: **
Approx Time: less than 1 hr
R 1100 GS Final drive spline lube Difficulty: ****
Approx Time: 2-3 hrs
R 1100 GS Replacing the fuel filter, fuel lines
and/or fuel line quick disconnects
Difficulty: ***
Approx Time: 2 hrs
F 650 GS Replacing the chain & sprockets Difficulty: **
Approx Time: 1 hr

A note on Difficulty Ratings
* - extremely basic, requires a few simple tools that are probably in your bike's tool kit
Examples: changing oil & other fluids, oil & air filters, bulbs
** - basic, requires some tools not in your bike's kit and a bit of skill
Examples: changing brake pads, adjusting the valve clearance on R bikes, installing a new chain or drive belt, anything with brake fluid
*** - advanced beginner, requires a decent selection of tools, the skills to use them & attention to detail
Examples: changing tires, troubleshooting electrical issues, adjusting the valve clearance on K bikes, working with the ABS system, just about anything that requires removing the tank
**** - intermediate, requires specialized tools and/or plenty of them, high skill levels, attention to minute detail, and possibly the facility or ability to leave projects in progress (work bench, garage, etc.)
Examples: installing a new alternator or starter, spline lube, replacing the shocks
***** - expert, requires a wide variety of specialized tools and an extremely high skill level or access to a professional mechanic
Examples: rebuilding major components such as the engine or transmission, lubing the clutch splines