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Aircraft Recognition Project

NOTE: Due to the terrorist attack on 11 Sep 2001 and the impending retaliation of the US and other nations against terrorists worldwide, I have removed recognition slides of the following aircraft: FB111, B52, C130, KC135, SR71, and U2. Air forces of the US and our allies still have planes of these types in their inventories.

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.


The photographs on the following pages came from a set of slides used by the US Navy to help its people identify friendly US Air Force aircraft.

The case of slides -- 374 of them -- was discovered in the attic of my new house when we were looking for somewhere to store our empty moving boxes. My roommate actually discovered the small metal box, and realizing what was in it, he promptly gave it to me.

The slides were cleaned with Edwal Anti-Stat Film Cleaner, which is specifically for cleaning black & white and color films. Its primary ingredients are isopropyl alcohol, NJTSRN, and an anti-static additive. It took approximately two ounces to clean the case of slides, wiping each one on both sides.

The slides were scanned on an Agfa Arcus II scanner, using a Macintosh and Adobe Photoshop 4. The resulting files written to a compact disc for storage and transfer. The scans were cleaned up, separated, and sized using a PC and Photoshop 5.

This web site is neither supported by nor approved by either the US Navy or the US Air Force.

Feel free to copy these pictures, but if you post them on your web site, please link back to this site and let me know that you're using my pictures.

The Aircraft

Not all of the slides were useable. As an example, here is one of the wrecked ones. The ones on this site are, by comparison, extremely viewable.

Destroyed Slide


F104 Starfighter (12)
F111 (8)
F102 Machete (8)
F105 Thunderchief (6)
F5 Freedom Fighter (6)
F84F Thunderstreak (5)
F102A Delta Dagger (7)
F106A Delta Dart (7)
F84E Thunderjet (5)
B17 Fortress (1)
B29 Superfortress (1)
B50/KB50 (1)
B25 Mitchell (6)
B45 Tornado (1)
B52 Stratofortress (11)
B58 Hustler (8)
B26 Invader (5)
B47 Stratojet (14)
B57 Canberra (5)
First designation USAF, second designation USN
C46/R5C Commando (5)
C97 (10)
C121/R7V Super Constellation (7)
C130 Hercules (4)
KC135 Stratotanker (11)
C47/R4D Skytrain (7)
C118/R6D Liftmaster (2)
C123 Avitruck (6)
C131/R4Y Samaritan (4)
C140 Jetstar (2)
C54/R5D Skymaster (6)
C119/R4Q Packet (8)
C124 Globemaster (8)
C133 Globemaster III (8)
GV1 (USN) (2)
L17 Navion (2)
L21 (3)
LC126 (3)
O2 (5)
T39 Sabreliner (2)
U1 (transport) (5)
L19 Birddog (1)
L23 Seminole (2)
AO1 Mohawk (6)
T33 Shooting Star (1)
U2 (recon)(2)
L20 Beaver (3)
L26 (1)
O1 (3)
T38 Talon (6)
SR71 Blackbird (2)
U3 (trainer) (3)