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the unlikely professor

In August 2017, I started a podcast called Chasing the Horizon. It is a podcast by, for and about motorcyclists and part of the overall digital content offered by the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. The podcast is not brand-specific. You can find the podcast in iTunes or by using the link above. There are also Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presences.

Here's a sample.

I've also geared up a YouTube Channel for motorcycle tech videos called Nicht Uber Max. It is mostly about BMW motorcycles, but there will also be some KTM videos in there, too. Feel free to post, share, comment on, etc. the videos.

Here's a sample.



I taught college history classes for 16 years. If you're interested, you can take a peek at the resources I made available for my students in thee history subsection of this website.

For your enjoyment, here's a couple little mandolin videos I made.